Pandorajapan Heart Flag Sales Up 57%

Pandorajapan Heart Flag Sales Up 57%

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Pandora Japan Heart Flag 791553ENMX with White and Red Enamel Hanging Pendant CharmThis Sterling Silver dangle heart shaped Charm is a great way to show your love for Japan! It is the perfect Charm to wear as a keepsake for travelling tourists and the patriotic Japanese alike. The flag of Japan features a Red Enamel circle (representing the sun) on a White background and was officially adopted on February 27 1870. The Sterling Silver heart is suspended from a Sterling Silver and White Enamel bail and is part of Pandora's High Summer Travel 2017 Collection.The national flag of Japan is officially called Nisshoki, meaning 'sun-mark flag', and is also called Hinomaru which means 'circle of the sun'.Seize the moment and free your mind, in lands filled with adventure and excitement. Where the sun sets on new horizons, and makes precious memories come to life.For all the globetrotters out there, update your Bracelet with the flag of your favourite travel destination, your home country or all the places you still want to explore, and create your own travel collection. The vibrant colours of the hand-applied Enamel make these heart-shaped flag dangles in Sterling Silver really stand out.The name 'flag' is derived from the old Saxon work 'fflakes' which means to fly in the air. The use of flying flags originated on ancient battlefield. The warriors needed to know where their leaders were and therefore one man would carry a pole with the leader's coat of arms.Create, combine and tell your own story.Show your love with Pandora.Choose your jewellery to represent your life's Unforgettable Moments and make your moments last forever.Pandora's range of beautiful hand finished Charms, Bracelets, Necklaces and Rings have all been designed with combinations in mind and for you to collect as reminders of your special moments, to commemorate, celebrate and mark the events and occasions that make up the rich tapestry of life.Free postage on this item.

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